A Letter to Parents Considering Hershey Montessori School for Their Child

Dear Potential Hershey Montessori School Parent,

Congratulations! You have the opportunity to make a decision that will impact the rest of your child’s life for the better. Your child will learn and grow in a beautiful prepared environment perfectly suited to his or her age and learning speed. If they attend Hershey Montessori School, your child will learn math, science, art, history, humanities, and language by researching in depth, working in groups with other students, going outside and working with the land to see the practical applications of what they’re learning, creating art from a specific time period using authentic materials, writing and performing a Dramatis Personae of a historical individual from that person’s perspective, and many more ways that foster creativity, understanding, and curiosity about the world around them.

They will develop an appreciation for the earth and awareness of where their food comes from through making meals for the community using produce from the garden and meat from the animals they help raise. They will learn about other cultures and alongside students from around the world, which stimulates an understanding of the world outside of their experiences, thus promoting peace. They will be encouraged to follow their specific interests and to get their hands dirty sometimes. They will be inspired to have quiet time, time to create, time to sing, time to plant, time to read, time to run, time to build, time to ask questions…

They will be well prepared for life after Hershey Montessori School both academically and emotionally. Nikhil, an alumnus says, “…my Montessori education sets me apart from other applicants to college and while seeking employment.” Another alumna, Gaelle, says, “Learning hands-on helps me visualize better during my thought process. [I] can think more abstractly. [Hershey Montessori School’s] education placed me directly into honors classes for high school.”

They will be joining a community that truly cares about children because Dr. Maria Montessori believed that, “The child is capable of developing and giving us tangible proof of the possibility of a better humanity. The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

They will be attending a school that is on the cutting edge of Montessori education with the development of the Upper School, and once the new building is finished, your child will be able to learn at Hershey Montessori School starting at birth through age 18.

If you decide that Hershey Montessori School is the place for your child, their life will be impacted, and so will lives around them.

“Although there are many ways, without a doubt the strongest way in which Montessori has helped me was by building a constant desire to learn, and to show me the many ways in which I could learn. I have taken that with me everywhere I’ve been.” – Benjamin Weinberg, Hershey Montessori School Alumnus


The Hershey Montessori Alumni Community

Alumni, what insight would you share with someone considering Hershey Montessori School for their child? Please comment on this post or email me at mwebster@hershey-montessoti.org.