Visiting Hershey Montessori School

The student experience at Hershey Montessori School is truly unique and must be observed to gain full understanding. We invite you to visit our campus to learn more.

We want to meet you!

The best way to explore Hershey Montessori School is in person. To schedule a tour or to meet virtually with our Admission Team, please call 440-357-0918 or email admissions@hershey-montessori.org.

Concord Campus Visit Opportunities

Schedule a Zoom Info Session or Morning of Observation

We love meeting with families to tour our school, visit, and share our Montessori community. Due to the high level of interest, info sessions and in-person tours are scheduled by appointment only.

Attend one of our Open Houses

We warmly invite you to be our guest and take this opportunity to learn about our Birth through 6th Grade programs, observe classrooms, tour the school, and hear Paula Leigh-Doyle, our Head of School, discuss the philosophy and mission of Hershey Montessori School.

Choose from the following dates and join us at our Concord campus, located at 10229 Prouty Rd., Concord, Ohio 44077:

Winter/Spring 2024

  • Saturday, January 27, 10 am-12 pm
  • Wednesday, February 7, 9-11 am
  • Saturday, February 24, 10 am-12 pm
  • Wednesday, March 13, 9-11 am
  • Saturday, March 23, 10 am-12 pm
  • Wednesday, April 17, 9-11 am
  • Saturday, April 20, 10 am-12 pm
  • Saturday, May 18, 10 am-12 pm

Individual or personalized visits may also be scheduled by contacting us at admissions@hershey-montessori.org or 440-357-0918.

Huntsburg Campus Visit Opportunities

Shadow at Hershey!

The Shadow Day opportunity allows prospective students to experience Hershey’s campus, culture, and curriculum in a personal way. Shadow students are able to ask peers relevant questions that equip them to make an informed decision about their education journey.

Shadowing students will be able to authentically experience what being a student at Hershey Montessori School is like.

Interested families may contact the Huntsburg Campus office at 440-636-6290 or click the button below to request more information.

We look forward to meeting you!

Student Shadow Request

Connect with Us at the Huntsburg 7th-12th Grade Campus

We warmly invite you to be our guest and take an opportunity to learn about our Adolescent program and take a guided tour of our campus. We encourage prospective families to schedule a virtual visit or private tour of our Huntsburg Campus. We will tailor visits and tours based on individual needs and interests. Contact us to discuss options and arrange a personalized information session.

Attend one of our Visitors’ Days

We warmly invite you to be our guest and take this opportunity to learn about our Adolescent program and curriculum from our staff and students, as well as take a guided tour of our campus.

Enjoy a presentation, lunch, a tour, and classroom observation during the 11am-2:30pm timeslots or a presentation and tour during the 9-11am timeslots. Choose from the following dates and join us at our Huntsburg campus, located at 11530 Madison Rd., Huntsburg, Ohio 44046.

Winter/Spring 2024

  • Monday, January 22, 9-11 am
  • Friday, January 26, 11 am – 2:30 pm
  • Monday, February 5, 9 – 11 am
  • Friday, February 9, 11 am – 2:30 pm
  • Monday, March 4, 9-11 am
  • Friday, March 8, 11 am – 2:30 pm
  • Friday, April 12, 11 am – 2:30 pm
  • Monday, April 15, 9-11 am

Individual or personalized visits may also be scheduled by contacting us at admissions@hershey-montessori.org or 440-636-6290.

Why Schedule a Visit or Attend an Open House?

Scheduling a personal visit or attending an Open Houses gives parents and students an opportunity to learn more about Hershey Montessori School’s curriculum and culture. This time is structured to provide a better understanding of what Hershey has to offer. There are numerous benefits of an in-person visit, many of which cannot be achieved by simply browsing a school’s website. Not only will you get to see the campus, but you will also be provided valuable insight into our programs and atmosphere of our school.

What Are the Benefits of an In-person Visit?

Prospective families and students benefit greatly by an in-person visit. There is only so much that can be learned from literature, browsing a website and its videos, or even peer reviews. An in-person visit provides greater understanding through physical experience.

Here are just a few benefits:

  • You have face-to-face dialogue with school personnel and sometimes students.
  • You experience authentic classroom settings.
  • You learn more about the curriculum and will be able to differentiate between Hershey Montessori School and other schools.
  • You will gain a clearer understanding of the school’s values and its approach to education.
  • You will learn what outcomes can be expected from our Montessori education model.
  • You learn how the school communicates with you about your child’s educational progress.
  • You will get a feel for the culture of the school.
  • You will learn things that help you in your decision-making process.
  • You are given the opportunity to ask questions.
  • You will meet some really nice people! 🙂


What to Expect

You will be given a tour of the school building(s) and see our Montessori classrooms as well as our outdoor space that provides much-needed, stress-reducing connections to nature. A presentation will be given as well as time for questions and answers.



Hershey students develop into confident, articulate leaders. Hershey Montessori School is known worldwide as a leader of Montessori education.

Visiting Hershey Montessori School will inform and equip you to make the best decision for your child’s education. It will also allow you to visualize your child in the school setting and determine if it is a good fit. The feeling you get from being on campus will be an important indicator of whether the school is a good choice for your child and family. Ask questions, be open-minded, and trust your parental instincts.

Getting Here


Directions to Hershey Montessori School

Concord Campus (Birth-6th Grade)

Directions to Hershey Montessori School

Huntsburg Campus (7th-12th Grade)

For Out of Town Visitors

Nearby Hotels 

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426 South St. (Rte.44)
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