Parent-Infant Community

Serving ages two months through walking

Parent-Infant Community

Serving ages two months through walking

Babies fill parents’ lives with joy, wonder, new challenges, and often questions. Hershey Montessori School’s Parent-Infant program serves families with children from birth through 12 months of age and is a supportive community of parents, caregivers, and their babies that come together to learn, share experiences and provide support.

The Parent-Infant Program is led by a Montessori-trained guide specializing in infant development and is held one day a week for *2 hours. During this time, the role of the parent or caregiver is to observe their child working in a Montessori environment.  Additionally, parents and caregivers work side by side with a trained AMI guide to help support their child’s natural development and are provided with observation journals and guidance on how to observe their children daily. The program provides sacred time for one-on-one bonding and exploring with your child while answering questions, including:

  • How do I encourage development?
  • How do I create a safe environment for my baby to discover and gain independence?
  • How can I encourage peaceful sleep?
  • How do I nurture the bond with my child?

The program also offers insight on topics including:

  • Physical development
  • Language development
  • Socialization
  • Healthy sleep habits
  • Designing a child-friendly home
  • Aiding independence
  • Weaning
  • Montessori philosophy

In addition to morning and evening sessions, parents in the program attend evening presentations and gatherings that foster support and learning from shared experiences.

Participating completely changed my approach to parenting an infant with child number two…When I really started to look and listen, it’s amazing what I started to see, hear, and understand.

Kelly B.


My view of the child, family, home, and community was expanded. I instantly had a built-in network of other parents, teachers, and children to learn from.

Heather S.


“I just wanted to thank you for offering this class and your expertise to new moms.  My perspective on parenting has really shifted as a result of everything I’ve learned, and it has improved the way our family interacts and communicates.”

Parham W.


The Journey Continues

Once your child is walking, he or she will be ready for the Young Child Community, to continue exploring and learning. All-Day Montessori, school days, or morning options are available.

Winter 1 Parent-Infant Program (6 Week Session)

Thursday, November 5 through Thursday, December 17, 2020

Friday, November 6 through Friday, December 18, 2020

The Winter 1 Session will accommodate for individualized or small group instruction. The Winter  1 Session will meet on Thursday evenings between 4:30-6:30 pm or Friday mornings between 8:30 am-11:00 am and be composed of the following:

  • One 30-minute individual practical per week OR one 1-hour small-group practical
  • Two 1 ½ hour parent gatherings per series.
  • A lending collection of Montessori materials and developmentally appropriate toys.
  • Weekly readings regarding Montessori theory, child development, research studies, parenting strategies, etc. are provided to each family throughout the series.



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