Young Child Community

Serving ages 12 to 36 months

Young Child Community

Serving ages 12 to 36 months

The Young Child Community is a welcoming environment for your 12– 36 month old that encourages toddlers to build meaningful skills while promoting language, nutrition, coordination, and socialization. This program will set the stage for the rest of your child’s life.

Children in this program play and learn though Montessori curriculum in a customized environment for small bodies that encourage exploration and development.

Areas of focus include:

  • Large motor skills
  • Small motor skills
  • Spoken and receptive language
  • Social engagement
  • Self-care and life skills

Our guides have a deep understanding of the psychological, physical and social needs of a child. Beyond guiding children through activities, they carefully and objectively observe your child and know when to provide support, allow independence and offer a new challenge.

Children are most successful if they begin their experience in the Young Child Community before the age of 24 months. If your child is between the ages of 24 – 36 months, please contact Admissions to determine the best placement options for your child.

We recommend applying for a spot in our Young Child Community when you first become pregnant.  As our toddlers “age out” of the program, they move up to our Children’s House Community and this creates an opening in the community.  We fill these spots directly from our wait pool.  So jump in the wait pool ahead of schedule!  

Children can participate in morning or school day programs. Early Start and Late Dismissal options are also available. Learn more »

The Journey Continues

When your child completes the Young Child Community, he or she will have a keen interest in expanding his environment and seeking new challenges, like what is provided in the Children’s House Community. Visits to the Children’s House begin when your child shows signs of readiness, usually between 30-36 months.