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We are committed to increasing access to a Hershey Montessori School education for children and adolescents from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We celebrate diversity and provide a warm community where all who seek Montessori and our school’s mission, vision, and values, feel welcomed. This is why we now participate in Ohio’s EdChoice Expansion Scholarship program and offer our Erdkinder Merit Scholarship opportunity.

Please read below and contact admissions@hershey-montessori.org with any questions. We look forward to connecting with you!

The EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

For Ohio students

The Educational Choice Expansion Scholarship (EdChoice) Program provides students from designated public schools the opportunity to attend participating independent schools. The EdChoice Expansion Program is an income-based program. It provides scholarships to students in grades K–12 based on household income level.

The scholarship amount is up to $6165 for grades K–8 and $8407 for grades 9-12.

Scholarships for EdChoice Expansion are awarded based on the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of a family’s household. If a family’s household income is at or below 450 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, they will be awarded the maximum scholarship amount. If a family’s household income is at or above 451 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, the student’s scholarship award will be prorated based on the chart below.

Download the Eligibility Requirements sheet.

Steps to Apply

1. Complete the Scholarship Request Form.

Complete one separate form application for each eligible student. Please note that if you have applied for Financial aid, you must also apply for EdChoice.

2. Return the completed, signed request form to the school office.

Include the following with your application: Student’s Birth Certificate and Proof of Residence Documentation must be in the parent/guardian’s name.

Please see the link HERE for a list of other accepted forms of residency documentation.

3. Create your OH ID Account.

Please see the guide, link HERE

4. Set up your OH ID Profile.

5. Complete Your Income Verification through the ODE app.

Please see the guide, link HERE.

2024-2025 EdChoice Expansion Fact Sheet
Income Eligibility Guidelines
Income Verification Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

• When Can I apply?
The application portal opens on February 1st, 2024.

• Do I need to complete income verification every year?
It is only required for the first year of application. Income verification will only be required in subsequent years if a family wishes to qualify for LIQ status or if a family’s income has decreased and the family would qualify for a high level of scholarship award.

• How long will it take to get notified if I am approved for the scholarship?
At this time, it is estimated to be a 14-day process from the time all documents are submitted. You can check your status online (EdChoice website) and/or wait to be notified by the Finance office. EdChoice will notify the school of their decision.

The Erdkinder Merit Scholarship

For Middle and Upper School Students


Hershey Montessori School offers an Erdkinder Merit Scholarship. Although the majority of Hershey Montessori School’s financial aid awards are based on a family’s demonstrated financial need, a few select middle and high school students will be eligible for merit scholarships. Scholarships will be based on the student’s strength of academic record, independence, personal leadership skills, and anticipated contributions to Hershey Montessori School.

To be eligible for the Erdkinder Merit Scholarship Award, a student must be new to our Huntsburg Campus programs. A student must complete all components of the admission application or re-enrollment process by the deadline. There will be two levels of scholarships: one for day students and one for boarding students.

A successful candidate will have excellent academic recommendations, exhibit leadership potential and have a passion for learning.

An ideal candidate must exhibit:

  • Leadership potential, exhibiting how you have shown leadership in your current or past education experience
  • Academic strengths or curiosity-showcasing an example that exemplifies a curiosity to learn
  • Community service
  • Personal Independence, self-directed learner, equipped to engage independently in social activities, and/or prior experience in a Montessori setting
  • Strong growth mindset


Selection Process

All students must be actively applying or enrolled at Hershey Montessori School. Interested students must:

1. Submit an essay (up to 1000 words) explaining how they meet the qualifying traits listed. The student’s current grade and name must be included in the essay.

2. Provide a teacher recommendation highlighting leadership, character, and unique strengths of the candidate.

3. Participate in a group interview (Zoom option available) and seminar reading.

Students selected as recipients of the Erdkinder Merit Scholarship Award will receive annual awards between $5,000-$36,000. The total number of awards and the amount of each recipient’s award will be at the discretion of the Selection Committee.  Erdkinder Merit Scholarship Awards will be renewed annually for each year that a scholarship award recipient is enrolled at Hershey Montessori School, contingent upon the student remaining in good social and academic standing.

To learn more about the scholarship awards, please contact the Admissions Office at admissions@hershey-montessori.org.


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