Hershey Montessori School Third Grade Students Initiate Aid for Ukraine

Hershey Montessori School Third Grade Students Initiate Aid for Ukraine

Pictured back row from left to right: Anderson (grade 2), Boutros (grade 3). Front row from left to right: Graham (grade 3), Casimir (grade 3), Noah (grade 3), Karson (grade 3), Jude (grade 3).



Hershey Montessori School third grade students recently initiated a medical supply collection to help support the people of Ukraine in their time of crisis.

The students came to school talking about their concerns for Ukraine after hearing stories on the news. As they shared among the class, they became motivated to do something to help. Third grade teacher Saren Peetz took notice of the students’ compassion for the Ukrainian people and recognized the educational opportunity at hand. She gave the students a basic history lesson about Russia and Ukraine relations and shared with them the geography of those countries. Together, the class became inspired to do something to help.

Motivated to action, the students began discussing possible ways to help the people of Ukraine, including holding a drive for food-based supplies. They found it difficult, however, to find anyone who would still be accepting food item donations by mid-March. After further exploration, they heard that local churches and MedWish were donating medical supplies. The students agreed on that as their mission and set their minds to initiate a medical supply drive right on their own school campus.

“The students organized everything themselves. They decided on dates, which organization to donate to, and they even called to ensure the organizations would accept their donations at the end of our supply drive. They made a list of action steps to accomplish the drive, created a flyer, made copies, and passed them out to all the students and to every family in the school at our Concord Campus. They even organized the supplies as they came in,” said Peetz. “They are now in the process of planning a student-led field trip (a “going out”) to MedWish International in Cleveland to drop off the supplies. That trip will include navigating for a staff driver using maps and making calls to MedWish again ahead of time.”

The supply drive ran from March 15th to April 15th and will benefit refugees of the Ukraine crisis. It was specifically to collect medical supplies and related items, including pain relievers, vitamins, bandages, and backpacks.

The students have worked hard and meticulously on this project to help the Ukrainian people. We are grateful for the tremendous community support and contributions to their project. We know that the people of Ukraine will be even more appreciative.


Ohio Maple Madness Tour Stops at Hershey Montessori School

Ohio Maple Madness Tour Stops at Hershey Montessori School

Hershey Montessori School’s Huntsburg campus is participating in the 2022 Ohio Maple Madness Tour, which runs March 5th through 6th and March 12th through 13th. Hershey’s Sugarbush will be open to the public on Saturday, March 5th and Saturday, 12th from 10 am to 5 pm only. This annual event is organized by The Ohio Maple Producers Association, which serves all of Ohio’s maple producers by promoting the industry and Ohio’s rich maple heritage.

Hershey’s 97-acre Huntsburg campus is rich with maple trees that have long served as part of the school’s academic curriculum by teaching adolescent students the art and science of maple syrup production. Students also learn economic and entrepreneurial skills through the creation and selling of maple products and other homegrown or handmade items. Students make the items available for sale to the school community and to the public online, at area events, and farmers markets.

As a member of the Ohio Maple Producers Association, Hershey welcomes the public to stop in to enjoy views of our new sugarhouse, visit the animal barns, and check out the student’s hand-crafted products available for purchase. Visitors will also be able to learn about the school’s community centered approach to education.

What: Maple Madness Tour

Where: 11530 Madison Rd., Huntsburg, OH 44046

When: Saturday, March 5th and Saturday, March 12th

Time: 10 am to 5 pm with student-led tours taking place at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm.

Cost: Free

On Saturday, March 5th, the campus admission’s team is also holding a school open house from 10 am to 12 pm for those interested in learning more about the school’s curriculum, culture, and enrollment process. Registration can be made at admissions@hershey-montessori.org or by calling 440-636-6290.

To view a map of all stops on the Maple Madness Tour, click here.

Hershey’s In-Person Gala Returns

Hershey’s In-Person Gala Returns

Save the Date – May 2022!

We are thrilled to be back in person this year with a live gala event! We invite you to join us in-person for this always-incredible annual spring fundraiser.

Journey to our Enchanted Garden Gala on Saturday, May 21 at 5:30 pm at Meadow Ridge Farm.  

This will be a beautiful evening spent in nature’s fresh spring air under a heated shelter, lending to a magical night amongst the wonderful Hershey community and its supporters.

Meadow Ridge Farm Venue

You will be surrounded by majestic views at the Meadow Ridge Farm venue while participating in silent and live auctions. You will be given the opportunity to enjoy the delicious offerings of the dessert dash, and appreciate the new twist on the wine pull this year that now includes the addition of craft beer.

While the gala is a wonderful time amongst friends, it also serves to provide the critically needed funding that benefits the children of Hershey and supports this successful educational template for students all over the world. Proceeds from the event go directly toward maintaining and enhancing optimal learning environments, staff development, and operational needs.

Be sure to check back on our website at the end of February for information on purchasing tickets for the Enchanted Garden Gala.

If you would like information on volunteering for this event, donating to it, or sponsorship opportunities, please see the links provided here.

Please note: this event will follow CDC guidelines related to social distancing and possibly require masks and/or proof of vaccination status.

Adolescents Assess The Role of Police in Society

Adolescents Assess The Role of Police in Society

Preparing students for life after high school requires guiding them into and through critical thinking processes. Equipping students with research tools and the freedom to explore modern day issues allows them to participate in conversations that impact them and the society that surrounds them. This is a cornerstone of Montessori education at Hershey Montessori School. Shielding students from hot-button issues that our world faces can cause more stress than if we empower them with the freedom to gain knowledge and understanding of the issues and then allow them to formulate their own opinions. This is exactly what our Upper School students tackled in its latest Humanities project.

Hershey’s ninth and tenth year students embarked on a study on “The Role of the Police”. Students examined the history of policing in the world and in the United States. It posed the question, what should be the appropriate role of the police in society?

Each student participated in lectures and expert presentations from police officers Lieutenant Donna Holden and Officer Vashon Williams of the Euclid Police Department. They also met with  Samaria Rice, mother of Tamir Rice, who made national news in 2014 when Tamir was tragically shot and killed by Cleveland police outside a local recreation center.

Students were responsible for their own research, and were asked to look at issues such as police accountability, police and community relationships, police training, SWAT techniques and tactics, and groups like Black Lives Matter that are active in seeking police reform.

Students were also divided into topic-based groups where each group developed ideas for artwork connected to what they were learning about their topic. Volunteer artists in the class were called upon to actualize the vision of each of these groups. The artwork would effectively become an expressive mural in the Upper School building at the school’s Huntsburg campus.

Additionally, students met in randomly organized groups to discuss police reform and police expectations. Much of this information is captured in interviews that are part of a documentary feature created by several of the students, with 9th year Willow Athens acting as lead and editor. The students shared their conclusions, which were as varied as their chosen topics revolving around the subject. Some of the takeaways included the need for additional police training pertaining to race, mental health, and de-escalation. Additional funding for training and mandates were also recommended by some.

They finally concluded the Humanities project, their mural, and their project documentary by discussing policing and then took questions from peers, community leaders and experts, as well as Samaria Rice who joined the class virtually. The event included refreshments and gifts for the experts who participated through contribution to the work of the students.

“It was a great experience to see students wrestling with all sides of this complicated issue and coming to recognize the humanity of everyone — citizens and police — is critical,” says Humanities guide John Buzzard. “When we see all people as human, we want to support all and provide the resources and understanding needed for everyone to feel success and value.”

Hershey Launches Emerging Leaders Program

Hershey Launches Emerging Leaders Program

Hershey Montessori School is always reaching for new ways to advance the learning and interests of its adolescent community. Students in a Montessori education are encouraged to follow their interests, engage in deep intellectual inquiry, and expand self-assessment toward self- perfection within or beyond the national academic standards.

In an effort to continue guiding our students toward their goals and passions, Hershey is excited to announce the successful launch of our new Emerging Leaders Program. The Emerging Leaders program promotes dialogue and interactions with professionals, community and social leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs for the purpose of equipping students with the tools to become effective, impactful leaders of the future.

Middle School Director Tania Bertolone, who was instrumental in building the program said, “As Montessori students, these adolescents are primed for this kind of work. They already know how to follow their passions and independently engage in their work. The Emerging Leaders program allows them to expand on that knowledge and know-how and apply it to projects outside their regular academic classes and lessons. As an educator, the response and outcomes we are already seeing from our students is exciting – it’s truly rewarding.”

The Microeconomy, a long-standing essential commerce component of Hershey’s Adolescent Program, teaches students about production and exchange. Emerging Leaders takes those learned skills and experiences and brings them to the next level. The Emerging Leaders course allows students to explore an innovative mindset and gives them the opportunity, time, and space to explore their creativity. Students are encouraged to think as entrepreneurs and innovators. This allows them to generate ideas for creative problem-solving and business endeavors that will promote well-being and economic prosperity in our local communities and on our school’s campus.

The Emerging Leaders Program serves as a Business credit for Upper School students.

If you would like more information on Hershey’s Emerging Leaders program, please contact Tania Bertolone at tbertolone@hershey-montessori.org.

Hershey Adolescents Enjoy Wide Range of Extracurricular Options

Hershey Adolescents Enjoy Wide Range of Extracurricular Options

This year, Hershey Montessori School’s Adolescent Community is excited to offer additional programming and experiences for its students through extracurricular activities. By offering a wide variety of clubs and activities to the campus community, Hershey aims to provide additional opportunities for adolescents to gain and strengthen skills, build relationships, and take on leadership roles.

Hershey’s adolescent guides were busy over the summer planning the following opportunities: Chess Club, Mural Creation, Outdoor Club, Theater, Sci-Fi, Horror and Mystery, Envirothon, Golf, Martial Arts, Math Counts, Bee Club, and Trivial Pursuit that will be offered throughout the year. In addition to personal growth and skill development, involvement in these new extracurricular activities can reflect positively on the character and type of leader and learner a student may be in their next community after high school.

According to Valerie Raines, Hershey’s College Guidance Counselor, colleges in the United States typically prioritize the selection of students who will likely make an academic contribution and be active on campus or in the surrounding area. Raines said, “It is more important for a student to engage in activities that they might continue after high school or where they can play a meaningful role. A handful of authentic pursuits will help our students build skills for adulthood and be more likely to land on a college campus with valuable abilities, interests, and talents to succeed on-campus and beyond.”

Hershey guides are enjoying working alongside students as they explore these activities together. Their hope is to see these initial offerings spark student-initiated clubs and activities that will continue to develop and grow over the years. This will continue to foster exploration in each individual student’s true passions.

“It is exciting to see the students’ eagerness to participate, especially in our younger students,” says Director of Advancement Wesley Wilson. “It shows they have a curiosity and passion to expand their learning, engagement, and social interactions beyond the classroom. Additionally, we are already seeing new after school activities beginning to be formed organically from students. This is certainly a part of the program that the students have been asking for and I am happy to see it come to fruition for them; I am confident it will continue to grow and shape over the years as the students lead the way.”

If you have questions or would like to request more information, please contact Wesley Wilson at wwilson@hershey-montessori.org.