Event: Understanding ADD/ADHD and Sensory Processing Issues

Join us to learn more about ADD/ADHD and Sensory Processing issues with Dr. Tammy Gutierrez on Thursday, April 27th from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. This event will be held at our Concord Campus located at 10229 Prouty Road in Concord Township.

Many children struggle with processing information and paying attention, and it can be confusing and frustrating to figure out how best to help. Understanding what is
happening in the brain to cause these issues can help you find solutions that work for your child and family, whether that is lifestyle, behavioral therapies, medication (over the
counter or prescription), or a combination of these options. Every child and every family is unique, so we will discuss the entire menu of strategies to help each family find what
works best for them.

Dr. Tammy Gutierrez is a board-certified family physician with additional training in Functional Medicine. She has been helping children and families address these issues for more than 20 years, while also walking the walk as the parent of a child with visual processing issues. She will share a plethora of resources, tools, and tips to support you as you navigate your particular challenges in this area.

This event is open to everyone. Childcare is being offered to Hershey families with 24-hour advance RSVP. Those who wish to attend may RSVP by calling 440-357-0918 or emailing the number of people attending to RSVP@hershey-montessori.org.