Acceptance and Courage in Changing Times


By Judy Kline-Venaleck, Associate Head of School and Huntsburg Campus Director


Acceptance and courage are two traits that we all have had to foster in these challenging times. But as we continue to accept our new daily “normal,” our courage, resilience, and community shines through. And WE ARE HERE FOR EACH OTHER! Whether it is for the best Montessori remote learning experience, keeping the connection with the students alive and personal, supporting families (especially those in need), and working together to redefine our own personal strengths — we are here. Please continue to remain patient and accepting — with yourselves as well as your children — while maintaining the courage that we all need to move through this challenge.

While the core of Hershey Montessori School is community, ‘distance learning’ is teaching all of us new ways to think, new ways to connect with each other, and innovative ways to bring Montessori education to our students! Our community is built on those strong connections even during a global pandemic. Following all federal and state guidelines for distance learning and maintaining social distance means we adapted during this global health crisis in ways we never imagined. Classes have resumed for students utilizing technology platforms that are enabling our guides to continue their work in this 4th quarter. Connecting again as a community has been empowering and rewarding.

The global situation changes weekly — if not daily — so we will keep moving forward based on the current status. At this time, we are excited to reconnect with our students, see their faces, and dive into new projects with them.

During these uncertain times, please know that while our campuses are closed, our minds and avenues for continued Montessori education are open. We are resilient, adaptive, and community strong!