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Join our AMI Elementary Guides, Jennifer Finan and Saren Peetz on Tuesday, January 26th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm on Zoom.

Why Montessori for the Elementary years? …..because your children between the ages of 6 and 12 have psychological needs and interests for which our education model is designed to scientifically respond.

Elementary children are hungry to understand everything in the universe and how it all interconnects. If your child asks you “why” questions, you know how driven they are to explore, find out and understand. Montessori education is designed to nurture that thirst for knowledge. Their language, mathematical thinking, and world knowledge skills soar.

Elementary children are social beings: they are motivated greatly by the social energy of their friends. That is why we give them purposeful opportunities to be able to work pairs and groups. Science proves they learn so much more from each other in a social context. They want to know the social order of how communities operate and get along so we teach them the social-emotional tools, and intentionally give them more freedom, within limits, to practice and apply their capacities for independence, and thus their self-confidence blooms.

The outcome we see in the child is gratitude for those who have come before, an innate passion for justice, and strong moral development roots.

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