The Hershey Market Microeconomy

“…that something is produced which is useful to the whole society, and that is changed for something else.”


Accent your kitchen with a beautiful wooden spoon or add a spacious cutting board for all of your kitchen prep! Each item listed has been lovingly crafted by Hershey Montessori School adolescent students using cherry oak and hard maple found on our Huntsburg campus and sawed by students. Please note that each piece is unique and handmade, so spoons and boards will vary in minor shape and sizes from the pictures shown, but are guaranteed to not disappoint! 

Small Wooden Cutting Board (5″x9″)


Medium Wooden Cutting Board (7″x10″)


Large Wooden Cutting Board (10″x12″)


Small Wooden Spoons


Large Wooden Spoons



The market is the capstone to Hershey Montessori School’s adolescent program. Proceeds from The Hershey Market go back into the Huntsburg campus’ microeconomy, which supports economics-class projects of the middle school as well as the market itself.  Adolescent students in the 10th and 11th grades participate in weekly workshops in financial literacy, business management, and entrepreneurship. They also learn fundamental concepts of business operations as they work to develop the various business ventures on the farm and manage the operations of The Hershey Market. 


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