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Diana Le Sieur

Director of Admissions


Diana Le Sieur is a dedicated Montessori educator with a profound commitment to transformative education and the Montessori philosophy. With over 14 years of experience in the field, Diana has honed her expertise in fostering holistic child development and creating enriching learning environments.

Diana’s educational journey began with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, where she pursued a double major in Psychology and African-American Studies, allowing her to explore the diverse facets of human development and culture. This multidisciplinary foundation greatly informs her approach as an educator, promoting inclusivity and cultural awareness in her Montessori classroom.

Her passion for Montessori education is evident in her unwavering dedication to nurturing the innate curiosity and independence of each child. Diana’s extensive experience and unique background make her a valuable asset to the world of Montessori education, impacting the lives of countless young learners.

In her free time, Diana enjoys spending time with her family, their dog, and two cats in the Ohio countryside.