Danielle Miles

Middle School Guide


Danielle is a Mentor, Ohio native who recognized the value of the Montessori ideology while in high school when she worked as a classroom assistant/aftercare provider at the Concord campus in the late 90s. Her journey back to Hershey has taken 20 years. Since graduating with a degree in History and Secondary Education from John Carroll University in 2001, Danielle has lived and worked in many diverse communities. Her previous work in education includes teaching high school History in Beaufort, SC, honing her Montessori skills as a middle school guide at Montessori Academy of Broward, FL, and working with middle school students in urban public schools, in both Indianapolis and Cleveland, teaching Social Studies.

Danielle has two adolescent children and two beagle-rat terrier dogs that keep her busy. When not teaching, she enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, yoga, traveling, and reading.