Cristina Echeverria

Spanish Guide – Middle & Upper School


Cristina Echeverria originates from Colombia, South America. She is fluently bilingual in both Spanish and English. Cristina was an Attorney in Colombia and worked in the regulation of energy, gas, telecommunication, and environmental divisions of law at the Government office.  She found her vocation as a Spanish teacher when she moved to the U.S.A eleven years ago.  During this period, she taught Spanish to students of many different nationalities, ages, and cultural backgrounds.  Her lessons were taught from beginner to advanced levels. Cristina received an “Alternative Resident Educator License World Language” from the Ohio Department of Education. She continues training to strengthen her new vocation, which includes education courses at Walsh University and has received certificates of Professional Development in Waldorf philosophy while teaching in a Waldorf elementary and middle school for the past four years.

She enjoys sharing learning strategies, and alternative learning techniques, to support students acquiring another language. Cristina loves integrating the Arts and guiding her students to make meaningful connections with new avenues for communication. Cristina likes to travel, read, and take walks in the woods to enjoy nature.   She loves life with her daughter and all the excitement and adventure it brings with it.