We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It.


An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking; it involves the spiritual development of man, the enhancement of his value as an individual, and the preparation of young people to understand the times in which they live.” ~Dr. Maria Montessori

Our 2021-2022 Donors

Every effort was made to include all donors. If your name was inadvertently omitted or misspelled, please contact our office.

* Indicates HMS ‘21-‘22 Board Member
^ Indicates HMS ‘21-‘22 Staff Member

Distinguished Leaders $25,000 and Above

The Hershey Foundation

Hershey Family Foundation

Inspirational Leaders $10,000 – $24,999

Budnik Family Foundation

The Cleveland Foundation

John* and Laurie Cunningham

Federation of Cleveland

Ohio Arts Council

Debbie* and Peter Guren

Loren and Birgit Hershey

The K&D Group

LWH Family Foundation

Montessori Development Partnership

Jane and Doug Price III

William and Sharon Ruple

Visionary $5,000 – $9,999

Jeffrey* and Patti Embleton

Suzette and Shane Horner

Jane* and Fritz Neubauer

Daurine Noll

Jaeger Robertson

Innovators $2,500 – $4,999

Kerri and Morris Beverage III

Steven Christopher and Britt Newman

C. Fraser Elliott* and Line Montminy

Jennifer^ and Chris Finan

Morgan and Anthony Fracci

Sara Guren^ and Bowman Beeman

Victoria and Scott* Hackenberg

Barry and Connie Hershey

Michael and Michelle Murray

Horner Networks

Lighthouse Advisers

Mansour Gavin LPA

David and Victoria Nadzam

The Parker Skin & Aesthetic Clinic

Samantha and Doug Price IV

Sugar Pines Farm

IN HONOR OF GIFTS (honoree – donor)

THOMAS BLACK, (Sidney Davis’s grandfather)
Darlene Stauffer
Harriet Weckbacher

Kathryn Christoph

Tom and Dona Black

As we celebrate our youngest child’s graduation from Hershey Montessori School, we want to express our family’s gratitude for the life-changing education and experiences that have launched both of our children to bright futures.
Daniel DeSantis and Candace Goforth DeSantis

Carole Cummings

Charles Perrotti

Nancy and Doug Geuder

Peter and Tina Joyce

Sarah Mabey


IN MEMORY OF GIFTS (honoree – donor)

THOMAS BLACK, (Sidney Davis’s grandfather)
     Martina Lindway
     Evelyn Miguel
     Marcia Price
     Darlene Stauffer
     Harriet Weckbacher

     Michelle and Michael Murray

     Tim and Deb Gooden

     Faith Heinen

     Melissa Rosenheck

Ambassadors $1,000 – $2,499


Gabe Arnold and Rachel Strong

Richard Beeman

Judith Cunningham

Daniel DeSantis and Candace Goforth DeSantis

Paula Leigh-Doyle^

Michael and Debbie George

Sam and Nancy Guren

Zachary and Lauren Guren

Holly and Rob Kline

Melanie and Jason Loveless

Jodi Latshaw

Amy and David Maki

Main Sequence Technologies

Evelyn Miguel

Cheryl and Victor Noviski

Melissa and Rob Reigle

Lynette^ and Jonathon Ruple

Aubrey and Michael Southworth

TCC Technology Solutions

Carole Walters

Kate and Gary Witosky

Patrons $500 – $999


Andrea Aaby and Daniel Trivett

Jake Bosley and Ryan Zalimeni

Tina Piccirillo-Boyden and Nigel Boyden

Business Marketing Engine

Carrie and Anthony Cirino

Kesha Conway

Carole and John Cummings

Dana and Marc Davis

Kali and Bill Dysert

Jessica Boothe-Eadon and Zephyr Eadon

Brittany and Stephen Epple

Holly Flood and Timmons Roberts

Mateja and Robert Fiorille

Maha and Fahim Gemayel

Nancy and Doug Geuder

Tim and Deb Gooden

Denny and Judy Hershey

Peter and Tina Joyce

Jennifer and Mario Jurcic

Maureen Kuenzig

Terri Kummer

Richard Kusold and Debra Steffens

Megan and Albert Lee

Melanie and Luke Leonard

Luisa Mendez^ and Patrick Lauriano

George Milbourn

Shelley^ and Gerry Morgan

Virginija and Jonas Muliolis

Emily and Michael O’Donnell

Claudia and Curtis O’Neal

Juila and Lee Quignano

Kristin and Patrick Roach

Rachel and Dominic Sanniti

Joel Smith and Jessica Strelec

Rick and Jeanette Smith

Chris Susan and Ellen Smith-Susan

The Tcheurekdjian Family Fund

Lakisha^ and Walter Wingard

Advocates $250 – $499


Kristina and Nathan Arthur

Renee and Mark Alloy

Chris and Tim Blue

Jim and Linda Blue

Marie and Keith Bryant

Matt and Jamie Frank

Elizabeth Harwood

Anne Marie Kollander and Mark Teague

James and Jill^ Levin

Adam McKinney^

Kate and Tony Murray

David and Lynn Pontius

Jordyn and Joel^ Rabe

Lisa Rome and David Macek


Angela* Spalsbury

Sarah Tetzloff^ and Bart Hildebrant

Aaron Twaddell^ and Zaynab Olin-Twaddell^

Community Friends $100 – $249

Anonymous (8)

Charles and Julia Bolton

Alison Barsan^

Tania Bertolone ^

Effi Casey

Kathryn Christoph^

Dylan^ and David Crowell

Robyn Dill^

Tierney Dewan-Saperstein^ and Josh Saperstein

Renee and Mark Ergazos

Rosanne^ and Roshen Fernando

Curtis Geary

Sandy Giallanza* and Edmund Evans

Sheila and John Grabnar

Tanya and Joseph Farinacci

Karen Hannan-DeWalt^

Faith Heinen

Alex Hershey and Beatriz Meza-Valencia

Eileen Hull^

Laura Kahn

Danielle Krause^

Jody Lathwell

Sharyn Laux^

Martina Lindway

John and Julie^ Loxterman

Karen and Nathan McDonald

Sherry and Trevor Ostrowski

Kori and Scott Peetz

Charles Perrotti

PNC Foundation

Marcia Price

Valerie Raines^

John Repp

Melissa Rosenheck

Joy and Justin Severa

Janelle and Dean Slavick

Meg Sondey and Bill Hines

Matthew Sorrick^

Leslie^ and Lyle Steelman

Kelly Taraba

Nancy Theofrastous

Julie Walker

Harriet Weckbacher

Rick and Colleen* Welder

Donnah and Bill Whitaker

Stratina Wilcox

Wesley^ and Karen Wilson

Supporters $1 – $99

Anonymous (4)

Debbie Burt

Tim and Lori Bresnan

Greg Brumbaugh

Doug^ and Anna Cornett

Adam Fleder

Christopher and Lindsay Fuentes

Cathi Gerson

Elizabeth Hadzinsky

Kennedy Hernandez

Christian Hernandez

Trina Hines^

Alison Hinesman

Betty Hissong

Devan Holbrook

Laura^ and Jamison Jolliff

Venus^ and Eldon Kohler

Jody Lathwell

Alecia and Russell May

Sarah Mabey and Chris Szell

Sarah Manning^

Sandy Maver^

Cheryl^ and Brad McGovern

Paul Meyer

Matthew Moldovanyi

Javier Ortiz

Golnar^ and Scott Parry

Tabitha and Aaron Pesch

Jennifer and Chris Pickett

Heather Rainey

Christina Reeves

Paul Reddick

Steve and Leila Sajner

Bob and JoAnna Schneider

Deanna Shrum^

Theresa^ and Nick Suvak

Thrivent Financial Foundation

Brain Vadakin

Johan van der Wee^

Jane and John Warren

Peggy Wise

Morgan and Jack Wolfe III

Larry Zanko

Our 2021-2022 Corporate Sponsors

Hershey Cosmic Run 2021 Milky Way Sponsor, Business Marketing Engine

A Global Leader in Transformative Education

​Hershey Montessori School provides a world-renowned education that integrates academics with financial literacy, leadership, entrepreneurship, and other important real-life skills. Special emphasis is placed on embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), ensuring students are emotionally, academically, and skillfully empowered for life.

Learners of all ages are encouraged in their independence, in interdependence, and to follow their innate interests. Critical thinking and deep intellectual inquiry are inspired, and as self-awareness of the student’s potential is expanded, they are able to confidently construct their future. They are taught sustainable practices, how to provide one’s food, maintain one’s shelter, to participate in economic endeavors, and to effectively interact with the natural world.

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