School Closing Information

Emergency closing due to extreme weather conditions or other circumstances.
Parents will be notified of scheduled school closings through the school calendar and in the Monthly Update newsletters. In case of an emergency closing due to extreme weather conditions or other circumstances, you will need to go to the following sources any time after 6:00 AM:


  • Your local television stations that provide a list school closings and delays such as Channel 3, 5, 8, and 19.


The Concord Campus will consider both Riverside’s and Mentor School’s decisions, but will also assess local road conditions and the regions from where our staff will travel.
Huntsburg Campus will close when the Chardon School district closes. The campus will also close when the Concord Campus closes, due to the Hershey bus route through the area.
Due to the variety of regions and distances our staff travel to work, we may determine that it is necessary to allow them more time to travel safely and thus delay the start time of school.  Typically the delay will be one hour and will be posted on all the above listed sources.  If we do delay the start of school, please be aware that you may not drop your child off before the delayed start time. If the Concord Campus delays its start-time, the Hershey School bus will also delay its departure to the Huntsburg Campus.
Please be sure we have your current work, day time and cell phone numbers so that you can be reached by the school in the event that there is an unexpected early dismissal due to storms.  We will leave messages at each number and will continue calling the numbers and emergency contacts in the order you list them on the Emergency Medical Authorization & Field Trip Release form. Safety must come first so we trust parents to use their discretion and judgment of road safety in their own particular region.  Please do not bring your child to school if you feel it might be unsafe to drive in your particular area.  Do notify the office of the reason you are not coming to school and know that we will be completely understanding of the decision to keep your child home that day. Similarly, we will not mark “tardy arrival” on the attendance sheets for families who arrive late to school during unusually inclement weather and related bad road conditions.  Allow yourself a little extra time to park your car in the parking spaces and to sign them in to school.