College Counseling

Adolescents are guided through the college discovery, testing, application, interview and acceptance processes.

About Hershey’s College Counseling Program

We believe that our students develop qualities that college faculty value: motivation to learn, independent thinking and research abilities, experience working closely with teachers and experts as mentors, strong writing and presentation skills, talent in areas of specific interest, and knowledge of how to use ideas to develop projects, products, presentations or even plays. We offer a rigorous, project-based curriculum, which emphasizes intellectual development, responsibility, and prepares our students well for further growth and success. Also, we help college officials understand how our students’ extensive experiences, projects, research, readings, travels, and studies distinguish them and prepare them to face and solve more advanced challenges.

Individual meetings with Upper School students and families are held each year with the college counselor. Families are assisted in understanding today’s college issues and options regarding programs of study, costs and ways to pay, and finding institutions that fit their values and needs. Meetings are conducted in-person, via phone conference, or using video conferences and flexible times to include family members. In addition, we host webinar-style information programs and record them for convenient playback.

Timeline for College Counseling Program

Hershey’s College Counseling Program begins formally in Grade 10. Our program is designed to provide families with essential information and quality indicators that will foster good decision-making. We are focused on the needs of each student as an individual and their desired pathway. Our program is designed for college applications to be completed at the beginning of Grade 12 for students to gain access to selective programs and scholarships.

Grade 10: Awareness of Today’s Higher Education Issues and Options
  • Coordinated campus visit trips in fall and spring
  • College Financing Webinar with Financial Aid Official
  • Earning College Credit Webinar
  • Pre-ACT administration at school (November)
  • Annual dinner with college officials
  • Families are encouraged to attend area college fairs
  • Students take official ACT or SAT (May-July)
Grade 11: Focus on Individual College Selection and Readiness
  • Suggested college lists are prepared for each student (Summer)
  • Coordinated campus visit trips in fall and spring
  • Families are encouraged to attend area college fairs
  • College Financing Webinar with Financial Aid Official
  • PSAT is coordinated with a local high school (October)
  • Earning College Credit Webinar
  • Pre-ACT administration at school (November)
  • ACT prep sessions use Pre-ACT results to teach improvement strategies
  • Students take official ACT at school (February/March)
  • Annual dinner with college officials
Grade 12: Access to Academic and Scholarship Opportunities
  • Essay Development & Application Completion sessions
  • Faculty Recommendation Requests
  • Students take and send official ACT or SAT (August-November)
  • College Financing Webinar with Financial Aid Official

College Courses Available

Hershey has these colleges nearby: Hiram College; Lake Erie College; Lakeland Community College; and Kent State University’s Geauga Campus. Students who are advanced in their studies and accepted by a college, have the option to take classes in summer or during senior year. This allows students to explore a broader range of disciplines that interest them and earn transferrable college credit. These students gain on-campus experience, work with college professors, and have access to campus facilities, events, services, and resources. These courses do not rely as heavily on a single exam for earning college credit and one course may count for a year of high school dual credit. Recent Hershey students took college courses in psychology, music, biology, mathematics, theater, English, geology, and chemistry.

College Acceptances

Students in the Class of 2018 were accepted into these colleges including opportunities in honors or scholars programs and merit scholarships to become engineers, artists, social scientists, educators, diplomats, or whatever they choose: Allegheny College; Baldwin Wallace University; Case Western Reserve University; Cuyahoga Community College; Emerson College; Guilford College; Hiram College; Kent State University; Lake Erie College; Mercyhurst University; Miami University; Oberlin College & Conservatory; Ohio State University; University of Akron; University of Cincinnati; University of Dayton; and University of Maryland.

Not all Hershey students enroll in college immediately following graduation. Gap programs are more common giving time for other pursuits. Sometimes students pursue options including employment, training, or military service that matches their interests and values. We are confident that our families will choose what is best for them, and we support them in those decisions.

Contact Us

College Counseling
11530 Madison Road
Huntsburg Twp., Ohio 44046
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Hershey Montessori School Admissions Counselor, Valerie Raines
Valerie Raines,
College Counselor
Telephone: 216-288-8353

Facts about Hershey and the College Counseling Program

  • School Profile: School Profile
  • Enrollment: 10-15 students per grade, includes boarding and international students
  • Academic Calendar: Trimesters with 2 interim sessions for students to pursue projects
  • Grading Scale & Ranking: A = 90-100, B = 80-89, C =70-79, D = 60-69, F = 0-59. We do not rank.
  • GPA & Weighting: A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0. On a 4.0 scale. Grades are not weighted
  • College Credit: Students may take courses through area colleges. AP classes are not offered at HMS.
  • ACT mid-50%: 25-29 Composite
  • College Going: 80% of students choose direct entry; 20% delay college or pursue other programs
  • School Code: 365343
  • Accreditation: State of Ohio Department of Education
  • College Counselor: Valerie Raines, vraines@hershey-montessori.org

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